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We are a group of doctors, senior NHS phlebotomists and Laboratory Managers who have a passion in improving Phlebotomy teaching and training and hence, improve standards of Phlebotomy in the UK.

Ours is the only course that currently offers you the opportunity to perform Live Bloods training and gives you a Certificate of Competence from us and our NHS partners.

We have combined our expertise to provide you with a Phlebotomy Training Programme which is second to none. To ensure that you obtain the maximum benefit from our courses, we have pioneered an e-Course which you can sign up for free on line.

We will soon be introducing our e-Book which will mirror the entire course and give you the essential facts for learning Phlebotomy.

To achieve a Certificate of Competence, we run the course in two Parts. Part I is our ever popular Theory & Dry Lab Experience where our experienced lecturers will cover all the essential knowledge in Phlebotomy. You will have an opportunity to practice blood taking on training arms and mannequins.

Part 2 of the course is our unique Live Bloods experience where you will be personally supervised by our NHS trainers in an NHS facility in performing venepuncture on real patients. With the success in both Parts I and II, you will be awarded a Certificate of Competence which is an essential requirement for employment as a trained Phlebotomist.

Our courses are open to both novices and experienced healthcare professionals who want a Certificate of Competency in Phlebotomy.

Our courses are run in our training facilities in London as well as our partner hospital in West London.

Our Phlebotomy courses are consistent with the NHS Skills for Health Occupational Standards - National Occupational Standard for Obtaining Venous Blood Samples (CHS132)

All our lecturers and Phlebotomy trainers have many years of training phlebotomists in the NHS and elsewhere. They will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to become a certified Phlebotomist. Have a look at our testimonials and videos from previous students. Many of them have progressed to jobs and satisfying careers in healthcare and Phlebotomy.

Register with us today and start your journey with us in this enriching and rewarding experience.

Dr. S. A. Cheema (Registrar)

Kay Griffiths (Principal)

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