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Privacy We take care to protect the privacy of customers and users of the Maxis Healthcare UK’s website Set out below is an explanation of how we process information about visitors to the site. Collection of personal information We may monitor visits to this web site and retain information about users (including without limitation through the use of cookies and other browser-generated information). The information which we collect and store during normal use of the site is used to monitor and analyse how parts of the site are used. You have the option on certain pages within this site to submit personal information to Maxis Healthcare in order that we might send you further information, email alerts or make your use of the site more user friendly. These pages provide explanations as to how this information is to be used. We will not disclose without your consent any personal information we collect about you when you visit the site to a third party outside Maxis Healthcare. By submitting your personal information through this website, you shall be consenting to it being processed in the manner described above by Maxis Healthcare. If you have submitted personal information through this website and wish us to cease using it for the purposes submitted, please contact

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